PRESS RELEASE: Maryland Town Hall with Senators Cardin and Van Hollen, Representatives Brown, Delaney, Raskin, and Sarbanes, to Challenge Trump Agenda

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  Maryland Town Hall with Senators Cardin and Van Hollen, Representatives Brown, Delaney, Raskin, and Sarbanes, to Challenge Trump Agenda

Sunday, February 26 forum in Silver Spring, Maryland is expected to draw over 2,000 constituents – will feature 2 stages – participation by Maryland and Montgomery County elected officials

Takoma Park, Maryland: A coalition of Montgomery County, Maryland activist groups, led by the Takoma Park Mobilization ( and including community and Indivisible organizations formed following the Trump election, will hold a public Town Hall featuring Senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen; Representatives Anthony Brown, John Delaney, Jamie Raskin, and John Sarbanes; and Maryland and Montgomery County elected officials.  

Town Hall participants will address Great Hall and Veterans Plaza audiences at Montgomery County’s Silver Spring Civic Center and will respond to constituent questions on topics that include healthcare, immigration, economic justice, civil rights and civil liberties, LGBTQ protections, electoral reform, education, reproductive rights, and the environment.

What: Town Hall organized by Maryland progressive advocacy groups, featuring Maryland federal, state, and Montgomery County elected officials.

When: February 26, 2017, 6:20 pm-8:30 pm. Doors open at 6 pm.

Where: Silver Spring Civic Center, 1 Veterans Plaza, Silver Spring, Maryland.

How: Each speaker will appear on two stages, one inside the Civic Center building and the second in the plaza. The programs on the two stages will run in parallel starting at 6:20 pm. ASL interpretation will be provided at the indoor stage.

Who: Confirmed participants include –

  • Senator Ben Cardin (Maryland)
  • Senator Chris Van Hollen (Maryland)
  • Representative John Sarbanes (Maryland 3rd)
  • Representative John Delaney (Maryland 6th)
  • Representative Anthony Brown (Maryland 4th)
  • Representative Jamie Raskin (Maryland 8th)
  • Montgomery County Councilmembers Marc Elrich (at-large) and Tom Hucker (District 5),  Council President Roger Berliner (District 1), and Council Vice President Hans Riemer (at-large)
  • Maryland state delegates and senators
  • Gustavo Torres, executive director, CASA de Maryland

A timed program is included below. There will be indoor and plaza stages. The senators and congressmen will each speak twice, once on each stage, and will each participate in Q&A segments, either indoors or on the plaza.


Jen Wofford, Town Hall lead organizer and co-founder of the 1,800-strong Takoma Park Mobilization, states, “A groundswell of organizing across Maryland has propelled us to hold this Town Hall. Marylanders are alarmed about the Trump agenda and are taking action in numbers never seen before. We are calling on our elected leaders at all levels to be bold and firm to hold a hard line against a Trump agenda. Our elected leaders must empower immigrants in our community, oppose racism and hate, protect our hard won freedoms, liberties and democracy, and fight for the right to a livable income. This is not a moment to sit back and wait while our society and world are dismantled.”

Senator Ben Cardin (Maryland) states, “We will not allow hate to be a ruling force in our nation and we will not turn back the clock on civil rights for all. Our mission for the next four years is to do all we can to keep our nation moving forward despite the ugliness that might be on the rise or the regressive plans set in motion by President Trump and Congressional Republicans. ‘American values’ still stands for what is good and right in the world.”

Senator Chris Van Hollen (Maryland) states, “Families in Maryland and across the country are deeply concerned about the policies being enacted by President Trump and Congressional Republicans. Their voices must be heard. I’m committed to keeping an open dialogue with all Marylanders, and I will fight every day for the things that matter most to the people I represent – good paying jobs, better schools, greater equality, and safe communities.”

Congressman John Sarbanes (Maryland 3rd) states, “On Inauguration Day, President Trump claimed that he would transfer power from Washington and give it back to the American people. But after just one month in office, it’s clear that President Trump is more interested in grabbing power for himself, for his family, for his brand and businesses, and for the parade of special-interests on Wall Street and elsewhere who stand to benefit from his policies. We must stand firm, fight back and reclaim our democracy. In that effort, I’m proud to stand with the people of Maryland and my colleagues in the House and Senate, who are committed to stopping the conflict-ridden Trump administration, exposing the GOP special-interest agenda and championing reforms that make our government more accountable to the American people.”

Congressman Anthony Brown (Maryland 4th) states, “I am committed to stand with the residents of the Fourth Congressional District and families across Maryland as we stand up to the Trump Administration and the Republican assault on American values. I will resist unconstitutional Muslim bans and mass deportations along with endeavors to weaken civil rights; efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act that will take away healthcare from millions; assaults on consumer protections; and, any other dangerous, backward idea that rolls back the hard fought progress we have made. The road ahead will not be easy and will require more people to speak out, be engaged and keep working to move our country forward.”

Congressman John Delaney (Maryland 6th) states, “The time to hang our heads is over, we have to do everything we can to hold this Administration accountable. This battle runs through every zip code. We’ve got to stand up, speak out, defend the truth and fight for what’s right. President Trump’s policies are an affront to our values, disastrous for our economy and weakening our national security. People across the country are speaking out and standing up at events just like this Town Hall.”

Congressman Jamie Raskin (Maryland 8th) states, “The silver lining in the dark clouds of authoritarianism descending on us is that we have the chance to recapture the first principles of progressive American democracy. Government by the people, separation of church and state, free expression, equal protection, solidarity – these will be our watchwords as we struggle to defend everything our forebears built and everything we hope to preserve for our children.”

Gustavo Torres, executive director of advocacy organization CASA de Maryland, states, “The Trump deportation machine is wreaking harm on families and communities right here in Maryland. We must stand up for families and freedom and remember that how we treat immigrants, refugees and Muslim families says a great deal about our county, our state, and whether or not we’ll continue to fulfill the fundamental American promise of justice and opportunity for all.” Torres continues, “Maryland must stand together against Trump’s message of hate. I am calling our County Executives, County Councils, and state senators and congressmen to do the right thing and support the Maryland Trust Act,” legislation before the Maryland General Assembly that addresses state and local information sharing with federal immigration and other authorities.

Media logistics: Media are welcome to attend and should check in for admittance. Media check-in is at a table inside the door at the right side of the building from the plaza, to the right facing the plaza stage. The public entrance is at the left side of the building.

Media contact: Seth Grimes,, 301-873-8225.

Livestreaming: The indoor-stage program will be livestreamed at Additional livestreaming may be announced on Twitter, @TPmobilization.

Social accounts:

Sponsors: The Takoma Park Mobilization with IMPACT Silver Spring, Indivisible Montgomery, Indivisible Maryland, One Indivisible, Rockville Resistance, Do the Most Good Montgomery, Bannockburn Reason for Action, Citizens Indivisible, Bend the Arc’s Unleash Your Activism, Huddle Indivisible, Indivisible 4th&5th CD, Indivisible MoCo, and Indivisible Cabin John.

Program: The program below is current as of February 24, 2017, 9:30 pm – all participants are confirmed – but is subject to modification:

6:20 pm: Welcome 6:20 pm: Welcome
6:25 pm: Recognition of Maryland elected officials 6:25 pm: Montgomery County Councilmember Tom Hucker and Council President Roger Berliner
6:30 pm: Montgomery County Councilmember Marc Elrich and Council Vice President Hans Riemer
6:40 pm: Gustavo Torres, CASA de Maryland 6:40 pm: Senator Ben Cardin
6:50 pm: Congressman John Delaney 6:50 pm: Senator Chris Van Hollen
7:00 pm: Congressman John Sarbanes 7:00 pm: Questions for Senators Cardin and Van Hollen
7:10 pm: Congressman Jamie Raskin
7:20 pm: Congressman Anthony Brown 7:20 pm: Gustavo Torres, CASA de Maryland
7:30 pm: Senator Ben Cardin 7:30 pm: Congressman Jamie Raskin
7:40 pm: Senator Chris Van Hollen 7:40 pm: Congressman John Delaney
7:50 pm: Questions for Senators Cardin and Van Hollen and Representative Raskin 7:50 pm: Congressman John Sarbanes
8:00 pm: Congressman Anthony Brown
8:10 pm: Recognition of Maryland elected officials
8:20 pm: Questions for Representatives Sarbanes, Delaney, and Brown
8:30 pm: Close 8:30 pm: Close


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