ACTION ALERT: Ask Governor Hogan to Oppose Repeal of Medicaid Expansion

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The Republicans recently introduced their bill to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, and it’s rapidly moving through Congress. It would eliminate the Medicaid expansion, which currently covers more than 10 million low income Americans.

Maryland is a Medicaid expansion state, yet Governor Hogan is one of the few Republican governors not advocating for keeping the program that benefits residents of his state. We are in a unique position to make a difference, by convincing Gov. Hogan to take a stand. This can help persuade Republicans in Congress to reject any changes to the Medicaid expansion.

Please join out campaign to generate letters to Governor Hogan. Follow the link to view a sample letter to the governor. Then personalize it, especially if you are a Medicaid recipient, and click to send: simple.

The Republicans’ bill is moving fast, so please take action now.