ACTION ALERT: Maryland Climate Calls

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As a concerned constituent, call Governor Hogan 855-980-5638 and Secretary Grumbles 512-402-8385 prior to 4:00 PM sometime this week with the following asks:

  1. Urge that Maryland take an official position to strengthen the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI, pronounced “Reggie”). RGGI is a regional group of cooperating states in the northeast (ME, RI, DE, NY, CT, MA, NH, VT, and MD) that has created the first mandatory market-based program in the U.S. to reduce greenhouse gases. The program has been effective and popular: 77% of Marylanders favor strengthening RGGI! The current position in MD is to maintain the 2.5% annual greenhouse gas reduction target, a rate insufficient to meet our own goals as stated in the Maryland Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act.We must do better than the status quo. We want to see a 5% annual goal set and if the administration won’t support that then the goal should be set to at least a 3.5-4% greenhouse reduction per year. Down the road, this would strongly encourage energy providers to de-commit to coal burning, moving to natural gas as a transition to solar and other completely sustainable power generation technologies.
  2. While the governor has said the US should have remained in the Paris Accords, that statement has no practical meaning. Please urge the governor and secretary to have Maryland join and formally embrace the policies of the U.S. Climate Alliance.

Thank you in advance for your progressive activism. The TPM Spokes committee agreed that this was an important, time sensitive issue and allowed the message to go to all members of the Mobilization. Please forward this message to other Marylanders and ask that they also contact the administration.

Governor Hogan was responsible for the passage of the Fracking Ban and is not necessarily an adversary to progressive climate action policies. Our task is to remind the administration of our values and insist that the safety of our population demands more than the bare minimum from them. With the federal disavowal of the Paris Accord goals, it becomes even more important for MD citizens to act in a local and regional grass-roots manner.