ACTION ALERT: Tell Ike Leggett to support the Trust Act

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Just weeks into the Trump administration we are in the middle of an ICE crackdown on immigrants across America, which is tearing families asunder and ruining lives.

In many parts of our state, law enforcement actively cooperates with ICE to detain and deport people for reasons as petty as a speeding ticket. Not only is that bad for immigrant communities, it is bad for community-police relations because it breaks down vital trust.

This is not who we are as Marylanders. We need our elected officials to provide leadership to stand up for immigrant Marylanders and for the safety of all of our communities by supporting The Maryland Law Enforcement and Governmental Trust Act (HB 1362/SB 835).

It will be hard to pass this law but we can do it if everyone pushes in the same direction. That’s why it is so vital that Montgomery County — our county — expresses its support for the Act. Will you send a message to Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett and Council President Roger Berliner, and tell them to get behind a Maryland Trust Act? Or phone the county executive now at 240-777-2500 and the council president at 240-777-7828.

The Trust Act is critical 2017 legislation to preserve community trust in law enforcement. It protects public safety and advances our state’s values of welcome and inclusion for all.

The bill limits local and state law enforcement from participating in civil immigration enforcement. It says that we will not cooperate with a federal registry program based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or origin, and it limits federal immigration presence in hospitals, schools, and courthouses.

The bill codifies many practices already in place in a number of Maryland counties and cities, ensuring communities across our state receive the same essential protections.

These are commonsense ideas that will strengthen community-police relations and protect vulnerable immigrant communities in Maryland. This should be simple for the County Executive and Council to support.

Send a message right now to Ike Leggett and Roger Berliner – tell them the County must support The Maryland Law Enforcement and Governmental Trust Act.

In Unity!

Takoma Park Mobilization

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for our lobby day in Annapolis on Monday Feb 27. Find out more here.