Civil Rights & Civil Liberties

Civil Rights & Civil Liberties is working on the following items:

  • Considering putting together a pro-bono legal team and/or coordinating with other TPMob committee(s) to do so.
  • Community outreach, focusing on area schools with large immigrant populations. This sub-committee is looking for pro-bono lawyers and social workers to assist, preferably including some who have Spanish-language skills.
  • Legislative subcommittee: This subcommittee is still forming, but is particularly interested in stop-and-frisk laws and the militarization of police forces.
  • Legislator scorecard: Some members are developing the concept of tracking how area legislators vote on key issues of interest.
  • Schools-to-prison pipeline: A subcommittee has formed to work on this.
  • Voter registration: Some members are interested in coordinating with others groups (inside and outside of TPMob working on these efforts).
  • Voting rights: Pursuing this topic further is under consideration.