ACTION ALERT: Tell Governor Hogan to support the ACA

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Repeal or significant changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have a major impact on the health of the people in the State of Maryland and our economy. It is estimated that:

** 476,000 Marylanders could lose their health insurance

** 52,000 jobs could be lost by 2019

** 2.5 million Marylanders with preexisting conditions could lose their coverage

The Health Committee urges people to contact Governor Larry Hogan by phone, letter or email.

Governor Hogan has not taken a public stance. CLICK HERE: Urge him to advocate for the ACA.

As Governor he will need to deal with the impact. He needs to be aware that his constituents are very concerned and will be watching to see how he addresses this issue. He should also be prepared to address possible repeal.

Gov. Hogan needs to be an advocate for the people of this state.

Contacting our State and Congressional representatives is also critical, even those supportive of the ACA. Ultimately it will be the states that must deal with the fallout of repeal.  Our representatives need to be proactive, ensuring that the Governor and legislature are backing the ACA.

ACA Benefits

The ACA is a complex program with multiple components, including health insurance exchanges with subsidies to help lower income individuals purchase health care. In addition to the exchanges and subsidies, the ACA also includes coverage of those up to age 26 under their parents Insurance; benefits for seniors by cutting pharmacy costs; assuring preventive services and ensuring coverage for those with preexisting conditions.

Medicaid expansion is a major component of the ACA. Attached is a letter focusing specifically on the potential impact on Medicaid in Maryland.  Please feel free to send this letter as is, or to modify it, focusing on the issues most relevant to you or how Medicaid or the ACA has impacted your life.

Calls from constituents are extremely helpful.

We have included contact information for Governor Hogan’s office, and a list of suggestions for making effective calls. A fact sheet is also included to help write letters writing and emails or make calls about the ACA and Medicaid. In addition to contacting the Governor, it was felt at the Health Committee meeting that it would also be useful to contact our state representatives.  Information on contacting your representative is included. Finally, we provide a sample letter to Governor Hogan.