What YOU can do NOW

Compiled by a friend in New York…

Short Term/Specific Action

  1. 5 CALLS-Spend 5 minutes, make 5 calls to turn passive participation into active resistance.  Finds your local reps, provides phone numbers and scripts. (https://www.5calls.org)
  2. 1460 DAYS OF ACTION– Encourages 4 years of purposeful action (daily agenda) by: (i) contacting local officials early and often, (ii) donating to and volunteering with organizations that share one’s passion (contact information provided) and (iii) standing up for the marginalized. (https://www.1460daysofaction.org)
  3. ACTIONNOW-A daily email of suggested actions to help others and reduce the impact of racism, sexism, class and income inequality, disability discrimination, among others. (https://www.tinyletter.com/actionnow)
  4. CALL THE HALLS-Founded by a Congressional aide, Call the Halls provides guidance and information on how to call your Representative in the most effective way-providing information on the issues, contact information, scripts and email templates and guidance on town hall and in-person meetings with Staff.  (https://www.gumroad.com/l/callthehallsguide)
  5. GRAB YOUR WALLET-Boycott the Trump agenda by boycotting business that enrich and are enriched by Trump. Provides a list of businesses directly profiting from Trump and other contributors to the campaign. (https://grab-your-wallet.com)
  6. NEXT PROTEST-List of upcoming protests/rallies – currently New York only. (https://www.nextprotest.com)
  7. NOW ITS ON-Call to action for all. Search one of four options (I’m Ready to Fight Back, I Need to Call My Congressperson, I Need to Learn More First, I Need to Just Take Care of Myself) and follow a roadmap to fight back. (https://www.nowitson.us/to-act)
  8. RESISTABLE-Newsletter with information about upcoming protests, rallies and marches aimed at defending fundamental human rights. (https://www.timyletter.com/RESISTABLE)
  9. Senators Stance on SCOTUS-Use this document to find out and then call. (https://www.bit.ly/2lbV7Ul)
  10. SLEEPING GIANTS- An organization dedicated to stopping racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Anti-semitic newsites by stopping their ad dollars.
  11. TechResistance-Join fellow members of the tech community and receive weekly emails about work being done to resist the Trump Administration’s policies and information about actions to take today. (https://www.techresistance.org)
  12. THE 65. Over 65 million Americans rejected Donald Trump on Election Day. A weekly call to action (providing a script related to a certain issue and contact information) to the 65 million people work together and call their legislators today to remind them of the shared vision. (https://www.thesixtyfive.org)
  13. Upcoming Town Halls-Be there: TownHallProject.com.
  14. WOMEN EFFECT FUND-Organizing and Fundraising to Protect Womens’ Health. Founded in 2015, the Women Effect Fund is a collaborative donor fund (hosted by the New Venture Fund and staffed by the Rockefeller Family Fund) dedicated to an intersectional approach to achieving equality for women. In the first 100 days of the Administration, the Women Effect Fund is focused on raising and aligning funding to respond to the attack on women’s health. Short term strategies include (i) building a database (collaborating with other organizations where possible) of women activists and directing advocacy efforts, (ii) pressuring key Senators to vote against damaging rollbacks (including ACA appeal, defunding of PP, repeal of the Executive Order mandating coverage for contraceptive care and repeal of the paid sick leave for federal contractors rule) and (iii) slow or stop federal agencies from accomplishing directives by protecting career public servants who are whistle blowers. (No website found).
  15. WOMEN’S MARCH-10 actions/100 days. Every 10 days the Women’s March community will take action on an issue. The first action was to write a postcard to your Senators about what matters most, the second action is gathering in your neighborhood to define next steps and transform energy from the March into local and national action.  (https://www.womensmarch.com)
  16. OTHER.-Action Funds of Existing Organizations ie ACLU, Planned Parenthood.

Medium Term/Retake the House/Rebuild the Party/Movement Building

  1. JUSTICE DEMOCRATS.  JUSTICE DEMOCRATS-Recruiting Candidates to Rebuild the Democratic Party.  Justice Democrats’ goal is to recruit candidates to run on a unified platform to replace every “establishment” politician in Congress in 2018. Justice Democrats believes the solution is to rebuild the Democratic Party from scratch with one clear progressive platform, the tenets of which are outlined on the website. The site asks for nominations of qualified candidates (other than self) and donations so that additional staff can be funded to recruit and build a national campaign capable of running 400+ candidates simultaneously. (https://www.justicedemocrats.com).
  2. MIJENTE.NET.IMAGINE A MOVEMENT THAT IS NOT SIMPLY PRO-LATINO but also pro-woman, pro-queer, pro-poor, pro-Black, pro-indigenous, pro-climate because OUR community is all of those things and WE care about all of them.
  3. ONE NATION UNITED-Winning House and Senate seats. One Nation United’s mission is to win House and Senate seats for Democrats in the mid-term elections by engaging voters and disseminating the message and strategy needed to defend the most vulnerable Democratic House and Senate candidates.  The website solicits donations of both money and time (although unclear what the volunteer roles are). (https://www.onenationunited.com)
  4. SWINGLEFT-Take back the House in 2018. Swingleft helps individuals find and commit to supporting progressives in swing districts closest to their location.  Support includes fundraising and donations, spreading the word on social media, phone banking and volunteering and canvassing and attending events. (https://www.swingleft.org)
  5. STAND UP AMERICA – “Stand Up America is a nonprofit advocacy organization started by Sean Eldridge, a progressive activist who previously focused on LGBT equality and campaign finance reform. He was a Democratic and Working Families Party candidate for Congress in 2014. Our digital director is D.J. Koessler, a veteran online organizer and Hillary for America alum.  We’re hiring! If you’re interested in joining a fast-paced team focused on standing up to Trump’s dangerous agenda, please send your resume to jobs@standupamerica.com. We’re looking for passionate candidates with digital, design, and progressive organizing experience.”   https://www.facebook.com/pg/StandUpAmerica/about/
  6. KNOCK EVERY DOOR– Nationwide, volunteer-led canvassing to organize communities against Trump. Sign up to canvass and get friends involved. The goal, to build a massive, grassroots, volunteer-led movement to take our democracy back-is longer term in nature but the action starts today. Founded by Sanders supporters.(https://knockeverydoor.org)
  7. WORKING FAMILIES PARTY –A Grassroots Party Alternative. The WFP is a grassroots political party operating in CT, Maryland, NJ, NY, Oregon, PA and Washington DC that endorses and works to elect progressive candidates for office. WFP: (i) runs aggressive campaigns to raise standards for working families ie minimum wage increases and creation of green jobs; (ii) recruits, trains and elects the next generation of progressive leaders; and (iii) organizes hundreds of thousands of people to take action and ensure elected officials are accountable to the needs of working families. (https://www.workingfamilies.org)


  1. AUTOCRACY-RULES FOR SURVIVAL. Masha Gessen. New York Review of Books. (https://www.nybooks.com/daily/2016/11/10/trump-election-autocracy-rules-for-survival/)
  2. THE AUTHORITARIAN REGIME SURVIVAL GUIDE. Experiences from Poland and Hungary, written by the Polish Committee for the Defence of Democracy, KOD. (https://www.learnfromeurope.org) (https://www.kod.ngo/kod-who-is-who/aboutkod/)
  3. COMMUNITY DEFENSE ZONE GUIDE.  This document lays out a roadmap for setting up Community Defense Zone campaigns in local communities. We know that many people are doing different kinds of work right now, but we also have heard from many that templates are needed for where to start under the new reality of the Trump Era.  It is meant to be adaptable for small towns and big cities, relevant to red state and blue, meant to get us beyond our usual circles, and it’s best paired with other ‘know your rights’ materials.  http://mijente.net/2017/02/10/community-defense-zone-guide/
  4. COUNTABLE-App that elucidates what lawmakers are doing. Countable can be used to: (i) read clear and succinct summaries of upcoming and active legislation, (ii) directly tell your lawmaker how to vote on these bills by clicking Yea or Nay and (iii) follow up on how elected officials voted on bills to hold them accountable in the next election cycle.  (https://www.countable.us)
  5. DEMOCRACYOS-An online space for deliberation and voting on political proposals. The software aims to stimulate better arguments and come to better rulings, as peers. (https://www.democracyos.org)
  6. THE FOURFIFTYONE (as in the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451)-A podcast for the Resistance. Hosts Summer Brennan, Jesse Hirsch and Jonathan Mann (two journalists and a musician) discuss what it means to be an American in the age of Trump. (https://www.thefourfiftyone.com)
  7. GroundGame-An affordable and easy to use organizing tool for progressive campaigns, unions and advocacy groups. (https://www.getgroundgame.come)
  8. INDIVISIBLE-A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda-How to Engage with Elected Officials. Indivisible started as a Google document written by former congressional staffers outlining practical ways to resist the Trump agenda. Acknowledging that this is but one prong of the multifaceted strategy needed to restore sanity, Indivisible’s goal is to provide a practical understanding of how Members of Congress think and how to demonstrate the depth and power of the opposition to Trump and Republican congressional overreach. The Indivisible Team is currently organizing a non-profit with the following short term mission: (i) demystify congressional advocacy through the dissemination of a toolkit that explains how to organize locally and advocate in different circumstances, and (ii) support the community of local groups putting the Indivisible Guide into action, providing shared tools to help groups organize events, communicate with each other and proliferate best practices. Names associated with Indivisible include Ezra Levin (President of the Board), Leah Greenberg (Vice President of the Board), Angel Padilla, Sarah Dohl and Matt Traldi. (https://www.workingfamilies.org)
  9. MOVEON-Organizing petitions and platforms for change. MoveOn, launched in 1998, is the largest independent, progressive, digitally connected organizing group in the U.S.  MoveOn members step up as leaders by using MoveOn petitions DIY organizing platforms to create their own petitions and campaign for social change. MoveOn is comprised of two organizations: MoveOn.org Civil Action focused on education and advocacy, providing civic engagement tools to the public and building the progressive movement by encouraging and supporting the development of more grassroots leaders; and MoveOn.org Political Action, a federal PAC focused on running advocacy campaigns to help elect progressive candidates. (https://www.moveon.org).
  10. RESISTANCE MANUAL-Action begins with information.  An open source site Resistance Manual outlines the deleterious effects of each of the Trump/GOP Policy Agenda by issue, provides essential readings in resistance and information on issues, elections and resources in individual cities and states. (https://www.resistancemanual.org)
  11. 20 LESSONS FROM THE 20TH CENTURY ON HOW TO SURVIVE IN TRUMP’S AMERICA. Timothy Snyder, Professor of history at Yale University. (https://www.inthesetimes.com/article/19658/20-lessons-from-the-20th-century-on-how-to-survive-in-trumps-america.com)
  12. UPWORTHY-On a mission to change what the world pays attention to.  Upworthy attempts to elevate everyday news for a higher purpose. (https://www.upworthy.com)
  13. VOICES FOR PROGRESS- Influencers lobbying for progressive ideals, with a focus on climate change. Voices for Progress is “the home for influential people committed to expanding opportunity, strengthening democracy and preventing climate change.”  Leveraged access (members join together for meetings with high-level officials to advocate for public interest causes), timely information (personalized alerts notify members of advocacy opportunities and the members only App provides key talking points) and coordinated and cumulative approaches (group and individual meetings, grasstops sign on letters) change can be made. (https://www.voicesforprogress.org)