ALERT: 11 quick actions to boost Maryland progressive legislation

Friends, here are 11 quick actions you can take to boost Maryland progressive legislation. Click each link to learn more and send a message.

Customize each message if you wish, hit send, and that’s it! You’ll help advance key initiatives that Takoma Park Mobilization and our allies are supporting.

An ACLU-led coalition supports policing-reform legislation:
  1. Write Judicial Proceedings Committee leaders to ask repeal of the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights (LEOBR) and reform the Maryland Public Information Act to make police misconduct records more accessible (
A package of bills would end Maryland cooperation with federal immigration authorities including ICE:
  1. Dignity Not Detention, HB16, would essentially prevent private immigration detention in Maryland, phase out the three county contracts with ICE to detain immigrants on civil immigration grounds, and prevent future county contracts (
  2. Faith leaders only: please sign an Interfaith Letter: MD Immigrant Justice supporting four major state bills (

SB88, a Maryland Trust Act, would prohibit law-enforcement and other state and local government cooperation with federal immigration authorities. Here’s a pair of actions on SB88:

  1. Ask Senate President Bill Ferguson to Bring the Maryland Trust Act to a Committee Vote (
  2. Ask Senator Will Smith to Bring the Maryland Trust Act to a Committee Vote,(
And here are environmental + social-justice bills you can support:
  1. Help low-income families reduce energy costs. This bill would help families take advantage of the emPOWER program to weatherize their homes and reduce their energy costs. (
  2. Tell your legislator to support organics recycling and waste diversion: This bill would require entities that produce 2 tons of food waste per week to compost or otherwise divert the waste from the waste stream if they are within 30 miles of a compost facility. (
  3. Support Community Choice Energy: This pilot program for Montgomery County would both lower electricity rates for residents and quickly move us to clean, renewable energy. (
  4. Support Food & Farm Worker Protection Acts: These are 4 different bills that provide worker protections for food and farm workers, including paid sick leave, personal protective gear and sanitation, housing standards, and health and safety protections. (
  5. Support Climate Solutions Now: This bill will require Maryland to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 60% and to work with disproportionately impacted communities and labor in creating and implementing the regulations. (
  6. Save Maryland Transit: This bill provides the funding for the MTA transit system that has the most breakdowns of any transit system in America. (

Thanks, and please share this message with others!