Direct Support: Testimonials

The Takoma Park Mobilization Group’s Direct Support (“Direct Support”) team is an extraordinary group of advocates.  Following the implementation of the Muslim Travel Ban, they sprung to action to support those affected.  I was representing a Sudanese asylee at the time whose wife and children were waiting for their family reunification petitions to be processed in Khartoum.  They had been separated for years.  The family was incredibly anxious and fearful that their reunification wouldn’t happen under the current administration.  Working with Direct Support team members, we came up with a plan to get the family to the US as soon as their applications were approved.  The Direct Support team not only fundraised to purchase four international plane tickets from Khartoum, they also lined the family up with a wonderful apartment, welcomed them at the airport when they arrived, and connected them with educational and other social service resources.  Importantly, the Direct Support team made the family feel welcome and like valued members of the community.  Human Rights First greatly appreciates the dedication, support, and advocacy of the Direct Support team! The Direct Support Working Group of the Takoma Park Mobilization was the recipient of Human Rights First’s 2017 World Refugee Day Community Award for Outstanding Work in the Community on Behalf of Asylum Seekers.” -Jocelyn Dyer, Staff Attorney, Human Rights First

“Ayuda is grateful for the support of Takoma Park Mobilization. They are made up of an amazing community of supporters who have responded to the most urgent issues affecting low-income immigrants in our community. When the administration recently announced the termination of the DACA program, Takoma Park Mobilization immediately launched a fundraising campaign to help those pay the fees to renew their expiring DACA statuses. In total, they were able to raise $6000 for this effort.” -Paula Fitzgerald, Executive Director, Ayuda

“The Direct Support for Immigrants Working Group of the Takoma Park Mobilization has been an incredible resource for many of our detained immigrant neighbors and community members. They’ve shown up quickly and enthusiastically in responses to moments of need, particularly in critical moments where there were no other support networks available. In one recent case, they raised the bond money for a detained survivor of human-trafficking and made sure she was safely connected with a shelter. I am very thankful for their presence in the community.” -Abigail Moyer, Senior Attorney, CAIR Coalition