Minor Master Plan and Food Forest Presentations – March 3, 2022


  1. Welcome/Introduction – Philip Bogdonoff, Climate Action Coffee, moderator (5 minutes)
  2. Planner presentation on the Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment – Melissa Williams, Montgomery County Community Engagement Planner (15 minutes)
  3. Long Branch-Sligo Resident Concerns – David Reed, LB-S Community Association President (7 minutes)
  4. What Is a Food Forest? – Lincoln Smith, Forested (10 minutes)
  5. Food Forest at WAH – Amy Zimmermann, CAC Food Forest Group (10 minutes)
  6. Miyawaki Forest at the REED Center – Philip Bogdonoff (5 minutes) 
  7. Questions & Comments (30 minutes)

Video Recording

Text of Chat

00:23:44 Philip Bogdonoff: I will take one or two clarifying questions for Melissa. Please post in the chat. We will hold general Q&A after all presentations.
00:25:53	De Herman:	Is there a typo in the email address? planing?
00:29:04	Barbara Whitney:	How many people were you able to talk to?
00:31:25	Melissa Williams:	sorry, the email address is takomaparkmma@montgomeryplanning.org
00:36:39	Mica Bevington (Hilton Ave):	Adding to what David notes about storm water in LBS:
The water that races down Carroll (toward Long Branch/University blvd) spills into yards that face Carroll Ave and streams across and down their back yards into yards on Davis Ave. Our neighborhood lacks any curb cuts/rain gardens to slow the flow of water as it charges down to the creeks.
00:48:43	Philip Bogdonoff:	Watch the Forested website for opportunities to tour, volunteer, and join the feasts - https://www.forested.us/
00:49:50	Sandra:	Are non native plants managed in a food forest?
00:55:05	Sandra:	Are there issues with deer eating the plant materials?
00:57:23	Sandra:	What is the minimum number of square feet needed to create a micro food forest?
01:05:26	Sandra:	Do food forests typically incorporate honey bee hives?
01:07:15	Sandra:	Can food forests become self-sustaining by for example selling fruit, using fruit to prepare bake goods for sale, etc.?
01:10:21	Philip Bogdonoff:	Miyawaki forest talk - https://bio4climate.org/miyawaki-forests-talk/
01:11:34	David Reed:	Could Melissa and Alex respond to some of the concerns that neighbors have raised?
01:16:14	Sandra:	Outstanding level of information. BBFN.
01:19:40	Bevington - :	ooh, definitely not the message they send when they threaten to call the cops! 🤷🏼‍♀️
01:22:01	Philip Bogdonoff:	TALLE / Climate Action Coffee - https://tpmobilization.org/talle
01:25:57	Amy Zimmermann:	Our slides are here if anyone would like to take another look at potential site ideas. Please reach out to me amymangono@gmail.com with any follow-ups. https://www.canva.com/design/DAE5HR5C64U/share/preview?token=AxhRj3lwMGZvcQGNDpQ16Q&role=EDITOR&utm_content=DAE5HR5C64U&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=sharebutton
01:28:04	Philip Bogdonoff:	If anyone would like to follow up, please contact me: pbogdonoff@gmail.com