Working groups and resources

How do you want to make a difference?

Takoma Park Mobilization’s working groups are the spokes that carry the load of  work it takes to mobilize our community. They are where activists like you find the satisfaction of doing something for other people, whether it’s:

  • Neighbors from different communities sharing potluck
  • Educators showing us how to facilitate consensus decision-making
  • Writers and artists mobilizing us with words and images
  • Activists slowing climate change
  • Lobbying government officials
  • Emptying the prisons that continue to fill in the aftermath of the so-called war on drugs or
  • Saving Our Children from Gun Violence

Join the group where you feel you can do what you like to do and make a difference. Just click on any of the email addresses below.

Breaking Bread, community dinners: More coming soon!

Communications/Outreach/Organizing/Logistics (COOL): This Communications Group makes sure that all members of the Mobilization are informed about the activities of TPM’s various working groups and committees, through all forms of print and electronic media.

Whether you’re a writer who wants to help report on the Mobilization using emails or FaceBook posts, Twitter feeds, and the Mobilization’s website, or a technical specialist interested in playing with electronic media to exploit their communication potential, welcome to our newsroom.

We also include the Artists and Graphic Designer Subcommittee: Guess what they do.

Education & Training Group: The first goal of the Education & Training Group is to utilize the knowledge and skills of residents of Takoma Park to provide educational opportunities for TP Mobilization members and our community who are interested in local activism and progressive causes.  The second is that the group will act as a resource and a model to support similar educational activities within and outside of TP Mobilization. A few more focused activities are part of this group:

  • Subcommittee on Diversity, Inclusion, Bias and Anti-Racism Training
  • Nonviolent Action Study Group
  • TP Mobilization Book Group 

Electoral/Constitutional Committee: The electoral/constitutional working group is concerned with issues at the core of our democracy, such as redistricting, voter suppression, and the role of money in politics.

Environment Committee (TPMEC):
Our all-volunteer community of grassroots activists are mobilized to address
the climate emergency. We are active at all levels of government and
decide our priorities each year by consensus. We are part of the Earth
Coalition, a state-wide coalition that advocates for state level legislation that
addresses climate change.

In 2019, we successfully advocated for the passage of the Clean Energy Jobs
Act that expands Maryland’s renewable electricity requirement to 50% by
2030 with a path to 100% renewable by 2040, passage of the polystyrene
foam food packaging ban, and extension of the Community Solar Pilot

Our Upcoming Priorities are:

  1. Montgomery County Climate Emergency — through advocacy and
    educational events, work to help the county reach its goal of reducing
    greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2027; and by 100% by 2035.
  2. Advocate for passage of Community Choice Energy (CCE) and
    other state-level legislation –CCE would give Maryland counties
    the ability to negotiate with public utilities separately from the State
    for affordable rates and clean energy. We will also advocate for other
    state level legislation that addresses climate change.
  3. Takoma Park Sustainability — collaborate with Takoma Park in
    reaching its goal to reduce its Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 100% by

Immigration and Muslim Solidarity Committee: The Immigration and Muslim Solidarity Committee works to support and partner with our immigrant and Muslim neighbors in a number of different ways. The group is currently composed of four subcommittees:

  • Direct Support for Immigrants, which provides direct services (such as connections to lawyers, court accompaniment, fundraising, etc) to immigrants in our communities;
  • Sanctuary Movement, which focuses on building a network of individuals, faith-based organizations, and other organizations to offer sanctuary to immigrants threatened with deportation;
  • Legislation, which works to lobby at the local, state, and national level in support of policies that protect immigrants, such as the Trust Act, the DREAM act, and more.

Indivisible: The Indivisible Working Group engages in the political process in ways that promote the progressive agenda of the Takoma Park Mobilization. We engage our community by creating or identifying opportunities for people to participate in the political process. This might involve volunteering in campaigns, organizing or participating in rallies, lobbying members of Congress and state lawmakers, and candidate forums. We work with other Indivisible groups nationwide, as well as other local partners, to resist the Trump agenda and accomplish a progressive agenda.

Mass Incarceration:

The Mass Incarceration Working Group works to stop the overabundant flow of mostly young black Americans into prisons. Its Restorative Justice subcommittee is working to end the school-to-prison pipeline in Montgomery County by helping ensure all students, especially students of color, LGBT and disabled students, are disciplined equally and less punitively, while the Bail Bond Reform subcommittee helps those of us who have no money to pay exorbitant bail, stay out of jail by helping us get the money. And our Expungement subcommittee helps those of us with criminal records have those records scrubbed clean, so that they can get hired, get credit, and leave that part of their past behind. Join us to keep our people out of prison and clear their records so they can move forward with their lives.

TALLE – Takoma Alliance for Local Living Economies:

TALLE works to reshape our communities and our local economies in the service of resiliency, racial equity, and carbon-neutrality. View the TALLE webpage for more, including information on the Wednesday Climate Action Coffees, starting October 2, 2019. 

Other issues we care about:

Economic Equity:

Resources for activists

Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen

Open Sourcing Social Change: Inside the Constellation Model

Public Health Actions for Immigrant Rights: A Short Guide to Protecting Undocumented Residents and Their Families for the Benefit of Public Health and All Society

Mijente: Expanding Sanctuary: What Makes a City a Sanctuary Now?

Local to Takoma Park:

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