Calendar for Pollinators

2024 Calendar for Pollinators

March 23 • Native Plant sale at National Arboretum
8am – 1pm

March 24 • Bruce leading a historic walk in Sligo Creek
1 pm, starts at end of Flower where it meets Garland and Sligo Cr

April 14 • Earth Day at Co-op 11-3 tabling & Marguerite
GAT demo, table, tent and chairs requested,
volunteers = Marguerite, Maureen, Judy, De, Karen- midday, Ken- afternoon and clean up, Barb early.

April 17 • Takoma Green, w/ Wendy Bell 7pm? Judy?
Time and place tbd

April 20 • Earth Day with city of TP and FOSC at Kennebec Park
10-2 (rain date 4/21) Sligo Creek Stream Valley Park Playground
Pop-up arboretum- Bruce

April 22-26 • TPMS speakers, Elizabeth Wallace
Phil, Barbara, Sharon?, Ken?, Bruce?

April 27 • Plant Exchange at Belle-Ziegler park Ken
10 – 12, possible tree walk w Bruce
Co-Sponsor: Montgomery County Native Plant People:
Katie Molski & Sarah Gallis

May 12 • Mother’s Day at Presbyterian Church Barbara & Ken

June 1? • Ward 5 Flowers for Flower Ave. festival Karen
Rhonda Kranz puppet show?

June 9 • House and Garden Tour- Poplar Ave. 2 docents
Needed- Barb and Bruce, ?Tom Smerling, label
Native plant garden/s- Judy, Marguerite, Rob Valente

June 17-23 • Pollinator Week Marguerite, Judy, Barbara
Table at Farm Market, June 16?- plant giveaway- who?
Table at Crossroads FM, June 19- plant giveaway- ask?

June 18 or 18 • w Sam Droege to speak, Marguerite looking
Into venues, partnering with City of TP at TPCC Aud, ask Eric
Bond to advertise. Table at event w? Plant giveaway
Sam to provide us with Bees!

June 19 • Tabling at Crossroads- need to contact them

June 23 • Children’s book reading at Peoples Books
Read 2-3 books from 9:30 – 10 am w possible
Tabling- Barbara, Judy, Maureen?

June/July • Leave the Leaves, make suggestions to TP to add Ken
Add LtL to leaf pick up flyer, schedule leaf pickup for following spring

July 4 • TP 4th of July parade who?

Sept. 8? • Folk Festival Who?

October 6 • Street festival

Tree Hug Bruce