Create Change

Issues and actions you can work on as an activist in Takoma Park Mobilization.


No issue confronts us more starkly today than the erosion of democracy we’ve experienced since the 2016 election.

But like the Takoma Park of the past, our Mobilization is strengthening the communal bonds that make democracy happen. From the homes where we break bread together, we have marched the Mall, registered voters, canvassed, and gone into congressional offices to create democracy in action.

You can too: Visit our Breaking Bread Together, TP Indivisible, Economic Equity and Elections working groups.


While America jails and shoots unarmed African Americans, who still suffer much like their ancestors, white supremacy cripples our ability to live in democratic nation more than most of us believe.

Those of us who recognize our privilege and realize our responsibility and power to build safer, happier and healthier communities are taking action.

You can too: Visit our Mass Incarceration and Save Our Lives working groups.

Gun Violence

It keeps happening. A shooter brings an assault-style rifle into a school or public setting and murders or wounds as many children and adults as possible. Many more die in their neighborhoods. Altogether, 46 American children and teens die every day, plus 50 adults.

We stand behind the young people in our schools and communities who want to keep themselves, their brothers and sisters, and neighbors alive, through government controls on the use of guns and an end to the poverty and police tactics that breed gun violence in so many communities.

You can too: Visit our Save Our Lives, Economic Equity and Mass Incarceration working groups.


Daily headlines paint a picture of an immigration system with no compassion for immigrant families — whether they have lived here for decades or are arriving now, fleeing horrific violence. Our immigrant neighbors are living with unprecedented fear of a deportation force unleashed.

TPM is banding together with others in the region to provide support and sanctuary for immigrants, and to create policies that will make our communities more welcoming towards our immigrant and Muslim neighbors.

You can too: Visit our Immigration and Muslim Solidarity group.

War and Militarism

With America at war, constantly, for almost two decades, with no end in sight, and recently threatening thermonuclear first strikes which will lead, inevitably, to the destruction of all complex life on Earth, our nation has no progressive force with the power to hold our self-destructive militarism in check.

But TPM is helping build progressives’ capacity to hold our military in check with a non-imperial foreign policy that would challenge the Democratic Party establishment and stifle Pentagon plans to contain Russia and China within a wall of troops and weaponry maintained by the U.S., its allies and surrogates.

You can too: Visit our War and Militarism working group.


Just as much as we may have doomed all humans to thermonuclear mass destruction, humans are doing all they can to make the Earth uninhabitable, by forcing climate change on their children.

But TPM is forcing the issue. We are pushing back at the political and economic interests that don’t care about our kids, their kids — and their kids.

You can too: Visit our Environment working group.


Democratic community creates and sustains the commonwealth we share in Takoma Park and on this planet. Between those two places, Inordinate accumulations of private wealth, class and ethnic privilege, as well as rampant individualism and loneliness, tear our commonwealth to shreds.

But TPM, with our bread-breakers, community gatherings and working groups, keeps us learning how to become better communicators, better activists and better companions in the world we want our children to inherit.

You can too.: Visit our Communications, Artists and Graphic Designers, and Education & Training working groups, or announce your own working group at Takoma Park Mobilization’s hub of democratic power, our Spokescouncil.